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Spiritual Look at the 12 Signs, A

An Introduction to Spiritual Astrology

Joseph Polansky

Mar 2017

A new and spiritual look at the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Moving Universe, The

Joseph Polansky

Dec 2016

A unique book on transits that covers the spiritual as well as mundane interpretations.

Secrets of the Combined Astrology

The Full 144 Combinations of the Chinese & Western Zodiac Signs

Zakariya Adeel

May 2016

144 Astrological Archetypes that reveal more about you than you knew about yourself.

How to Read an Egg

Divination for the Easily Bored

Colette Brown

Mar 2014

You've tried tarot,ruminated with runes and are angel-carded out! Now it's time to 'read an egg'!

When Will You Find Love?

Your astrological guide to when, where and who you'll love

Orli Lysen

Feb 2014

Why leave love to chance when the planets can show when - and where - you'll meet 'the one'?

Syzygy Oracle - Transformational Tarot and The Tree of Life, The

Ego, essence and the evolution of consciousness

Heather Mendel

Nov 2013

In image and word, this primer on Kabbalah, Tarot and conscious evolution offers a daily spiritual practice of developing trust in our intuitive wisdom

How to Appreciate an Aries

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and be Friends with the First Sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

Oct 2013

Using real-life examples and free on-line resources find the answers you need to understand the Aries' in your life.

How to Satisfy a Taurus

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and be Friends with the Second Sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

Sep 2013

How to get along and be friends with the 2nd sign of the zodiac.

How to Listen to a Gemini

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and be Friends with the 3rd sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

Aug 2013

How to make the best of the Gemini friendships you have using easy astrological information and guidance.

How to Care for a Cancer

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and be Friends with the Fourth Sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

Jul 2013

A light look at the Zodiac sign Cancer. Easy to understand and full of real-life tips and experiences of caring for and understanding the Cancers in your life.

Healing Divination

a native guide to being intuitive

Shirley Laboucane

Jun 2013

Healing Divination teaches the reader how to develop psychically using methods based on the author’s native spirituality.

How to Lavish a Leo

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and Be Friends with the 5th Sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

Jun 2013

Using easy-to-understand astrology, learn how to be friends with the sign Leo.

How to Soothe a Virgo

real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 6th sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

May 2013

Real-life strategies on how to get the best from the Virgo in your life.

Tarot for Grownups

Amythyst Raine

Mar 2013

"Tarot for Grownups" addresses issues and life from an adult perspective with unabashed candor and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

How to Love a Libra

How to Get Along and be Friends with the 7th Sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

Dec 2012

Discover how to love a Libra.

Moon Surfing

A Lunar Astrology Handbook for Teens

Nikki Harper

Oct 2012

A powerful astrological roadmap for the tumultuous teenage years, unlocking lunar astrology for teens with journaling, case studies and exercises.

How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio

Real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 8th sign of the Zodiac

Mary English

Oct 2012

Real Life Guidance on How to be Friends with and Win the Trust of a Scorpio

Transformational Truth of Tarot, The

The Fool's Journey

Tiffany Crosara

Aug 2012

It's about time a book came out revealing the deep transformational power Tarot possesses for healing- look no further

Palmistry Made Easy

Johnny Fincham

Aug 2012

Learn how to lift the veil and probe deep into the soul of yourself and anyone with this amazing guide.

Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns MADE EASY

Nikki Mackay

May 2012

Unlocking the key to your love life. Understand the thoughts and feelings of past, present and future relationships.

How to Believe in a Sagittarius

Real life guidance on how to get on and be friends with the ninth sign of the zodiac

Mary English

Mar 2012

How to truly understand the Sagittarius in your life by believing in them and making your own life much easier.

Numerology Made Easy

Hilary H. Carter

Feb 2012

2012 666 Sometimes a number speaks a thousand words. This user-friendly guide to numerology teaches you to decode the language of numbers.

Tarot: From Novice to Pro in One Book

Colette Brown

Nov 2011

A book that starts where other tarot books end!  Teaches card meanings, different tarot spreads and how to be a professional

Mirror of the Free

Nicholas Swift

Oct 2011

The Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, miscopied and misunderstood, have survived from Sumerian times, disguising esoteric Sufi teachings.

How to Cheer Up a Capricorn

Real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 10th sign of the zodiac

Mary English

Sep 2011

Real Life Strategies to help the Capricorn you know live a Happy Life using Free on-line Astrological Resources.

  • Johnny FinchamJohnny FinchamJohnny Fincham is "Britain's leading palmist" (Daily Mail), the "palmist of the stars" (Denise Van O...
  • Hilary H. CarterHilary H. CarterHilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She ...
  • Shiv Charan SinghShiv Charan SinghShiv Charan Singh is a reknowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga (since 1980) and founder of the Karam Kri...
  • June-Elleni LaineJune-Elleni LaineBorn in the north of England but made her home in London over 30 years ago. June-Elleni's career sta...
  • Peter LemesurierPeter LemesurierPeter Lemesurier, a Cambridge-trained modern linguist and teacher and professional translator, spent...
  • Andrew and Angela DonovanAndrew and Angela Donovan
  • Richard AshworthRichard AshworthRichard Ashworth’s work has been highlighted many times in the media but he is probably best known...
  • Jock BrocasJock BrocasJock Brocas is a professional medium and spiritual teacher who is also the founder and president of ...
  • Lindsay HaltonLindsay Halton
  • Adam SmithAdam SmithAdam Smith is a professional astrologer who writes for the Daily Mirror, Elle, Spirit, Chat, Harper'...
  • Lyn BirkbeckLyn BirkbeckLyn Birkbeck began his working life as a musician and record producer and has now been a widely-cons...
  • Colette BrownColette BrownColette Brown BSc MRPharmS answered her calling and gave up working as a pharmacist in 1996. Her dre...
  • Tiffany CrosaraTiffany CrosaraTiffany Crosara is one of the UK's top Psychic Tarot Readers working for Mysteries in Covent Garden,...
  • Barbara Venn-LeverBarbara Venn-LeverBarbara Venn-Lever is a BAPS tarot consultant member and has taught tarot, dowsing and divining, med...
  • Paul WestranPaul WestranPaul Westran, a former police crime analyst, has spent the last 8 years researching the factors that...
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