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Let the Numbers Guide You

The spiritual science of Numerology

Shiv Charan Singh

Dec 2003

Saturn, Fatal Attraction

Adam Smith

Mar 2007

Tarot for the Curious Spirit

Awakening the High Priestess Within

Barbara Venn-Lever

Mar 2007

When Stars Collide

Paul Westran

Sep 2006

Living by Numbers

Maat Barlow

May 2008

Mercury Retrograde

Your Survival Guide to Astrology's Most Precarious Time of Year

Chrissie Blaze

Feb 2008

Everyone wants to know about Mercury Retrograde! Blaze explains what, when and how to enjoy them in this witty guide.

Powers of the Sixth Sense

How to Keep Safe in a Hostile World

Jock Brocas

Feb 2008

 aims to make everyone aware of their intuitive sixth sense and its ability to save lives. 

How to Read Your Horoscope in 5 Easy Steps

Stop Reading Books and Start Reading Charts

Chrissie Blaze

Feb 2008

Navigate through the complexity of the cosmos to understand your own birth chart in five easy steps!

Message, The

Your Secrets in the Cards

Deborah Leigh

May 2008

Superstar Signs

Sun Signs of Heroes, Celebrities and You

Chrissie Blaze

Oct 2008

Superstar Signs by Chrissie Blaze is an astrological guide to the Sun Signs, in which brief biographies of modern celebrities such as Oprah, and past heroes such as Charles Dickens and Galileo, illustrate the different qualities of the Sun Signs.

How to Survive a Pisces

Mary English

Feb 2010

How to avoid all the problems of knowing a Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac.

Tao of Tarot, The

The Way to health, happiness and spiritual illumination through Qigong Dreaming

Christina Bjergo

Feb 2010

Reveals the tarot as keeper of the secret Taoist practice of qigong and the Way to health, happiness, and enlightenment.

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