When Stars Collide

When Stars Collide


When Stars Collide shows why people fall in and out of love. It reveals for the first time the hidden patterns associated with Venus that occur in the majority of relationships. Bringing relationship and astrology into context, it takes a giant leap forward in understanding not only how to find out who you will attract, but also when you will attract them. It shows what drives your relationship, what kind of relationship it is likely to be, and, above all, when the relationship will need to change if it is to survive. If youve ever fallen in or out of love, this book is for you. To prove the point, Paul Westran provides a study of 200 celebrity and historical relationships, backed up with details and charts. Amongst the hundreds of relationships analysed, charting their progression in relation to Venus, are Charles and Diana, Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Ike and Tina Turner, Sonny and Cher. Read their biographies here, and understand what drives the success and failure of their relationships. Test your relationship patterns against theirs.


The demise of Heather Mills and Paul Mccartneys was written in the stars, and Paul Westran has the evidence to prove it. This book looks at relationship astrology from a radically new perspective. Paul Westran's expertise in establishing patterns of information was developed as a police crime analyst for South Yorkshire Police, where he succeeded in identifying offenders just using information technology. He combines his pattern-matching skills with his life-long interest in astrology to research the factors that affect relationships. ~ , Mercury

Paul Westran's central theme – progressed synastry – is an original and powerful one, something that anyone with a serious interest in astrology should investigate. He builds a compelling case that progressed synastry reveals a lot about the way relationships form, when they form, and what their dynamics may be. This book has great strengths in the radicality of its central idea, and the painstaking research that Westran has subjected it to. In addition to this, he is a gifted writer and steers the reader through astrological theory and biography with an inventive and often amusing touch. I hope that this book meets with the success it deserves, because Westran's is an original and intelligent new voice in astrology. If you are interested in using astrology to understand relationships, this is essential reading for you. ~ Garry Phillipson, Author of Astrology in the Year Zero

Paul Westran has produced a superb book on how relationships can be analyzed moving through time. His marriage of progression and synastry technique being used to illustrate when lovers meet, how they grow and evolve together, and why they arrive at points of conflict over time, will raise astrological relationship analysis to a more sophisticated level. ~ Robert P. Blaschke, Author of the Astrology: A Language of Life series

Paul Westran
Paul Westran Paul Westran, a former police crime analyst, has spent the last 8 years researching the factors that affect relationships. He runs a success...
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