Walking the Faery Pathway
Includes: The Faery Caille, Oracle of Wands

Take a magical trip down a faery pathway to meet and communicate with Otherworldly folk and learn the faery oracle.

Take a trip down a faery pathway and meet the folk of the Otherworld, the realm of the faeries in this charming and practical guide. Harmonia Saille will take you step by step along the faery pathway, teaching you all about faery culture on the way, and showing you how to connect and communicate with them. She will guide you to find particular points which act as portals to the faery realms of the Otherworld, and introduce you to the faeries of Europe and Scandinavia some of which have migrated to the New World. In contacting faeries you can ask for help in your everyday life, and Harmonia will show you how to do this. There is a further guide on how to attract the faeries to your home and garden. Read about the Faery Caille, Oracle of Wands, a tree oracle which acts as a communication channel between you and the faeries. Harmonia provides a full description of the wand meanings along with how to use and make your own set. This book is suitable for young adults upwards.
  • This is a lovely book offering some delightful insights into the Realm of Faerie as well as offering an unusual divination system. ~ Lucya Szachnowski, http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/01/review-walking-faery-pathway.html
  • Even though this book is recommended for young adults upwards, there are many exercises and interactive activities within that even younger readers could enjoy with the help and enthusiasm of an older ally. All in all, a fantastic book and a must for those who love, or are intrigued by the world of fey. ~ Kate Russell, New Age Journal, http://newagejournal.com/2007/walking-the-faery-pathway
  • This was a Christmas gift for me from my children- all I can say is Well Done Harmonia and Sorry Kids. I couldn't put it down and really enjoyed all the tips and hints for finding and encouraging Faery Folk to your home and garden. The different troops and types Good and bad from Europe, UK and Ireland and their history. So now we are all busy finding branches to make wands of all the tree's that Harmonia has recommended to make The Fairy Caille, Oracle of Wands for divination and answers to questions etc. ~ C.E. Wise, Amazon Review
  • Walking the Faery Pathway gives you a delightful and intriguing insight into these nature spirits and their world, and how to communicate with them. ~ Cygnus Review
  • This book - for young and old - is no disappointment. Part conversations about fairies with Hamonia's stepdaughters are lovely to read. ~ Wiccan Rede
  • Enjoy this book, and go outside to experience the colourful world of the faeries yourself. ~ Mirriam Raven, Sage Woman
  • If you believe or os simply curious about faeries this book is a lovely guide to them. It explains who faeries are, what they look like and how to increase your chance of meeting with them. This book will enchant teenagers and adults who still believe in faeries. It is easy to use as a reference book on faeries or to read the book cover to cover.

    ~ Miss SM Askwith, Amazon Review
  • This is one of the most enjoyable practical guides to fairy magic that I have ever read, and one as well suited to younger as to older readers.

    ~ Ronald Hutton, Professor of Historical Studies, Bristol University