Tarot: From Novice to Pro in One Book

A book that starts where other tarot books end!  Teaches card meanings, different tarot spreads and how to be a professional

How can you go from a novice tarot reader to a professional in one book? Easy if you work your way thoroughly through this book. It has card meanings, spreads, homework and information on how to set up a reading and ethics and professionalism. Each part builds up to a full understanding of what it means to be a professional and how to read in a practical and enlightened way. Based on the authors many years of practical experience as a tarot consultant,a tarot teacher and a professional clairvoyant, this book is full of helpful hints and useful insights. The beauty and imagery of each card is described and bullet points are used as memory aids. Each homework session builds on previous learning and repetition leads to knowledge and skillful answers. Aimed at those who want to learn the tarot in a precise and practical way, and then take it further to read in an ethical, confident  way for others. Its both demanding and fun: a book for both beginners and readers who are ready to take the next step.

  • Tarot has a certain charm that brings people to it. "Tarot: From Novice to Pro in One Book" is Colette Browns guide to the ways of the tarot. Explaining the concepts and ideas behind the practice, understanding the information before you, advocating how to understand the process and the spirituality behind it. For followers of metaphysical philosophy, "Tarot" is a key guide to understanding the processes of the cards. 

    ~ Carl Logan, Midwest Book Review