Numerology Made Easy

Numerology Made Easy

2012 666 Sometimes a number speaks a thousand words. This user-friendly guide to numerology teaches you to decode the language of numbers.


Numbers are everywhere in your everyday life yet most people don’t pay too much attention to them. But is there more to number than meets the eye? Author Hilary Carter thinks so.

Do interesting dates such as 11/11/11, 11/1/11, 12/12/12 or 21/12/12 mean anything?

Is 666 really an evil number?

What is the secret behind the mysterious number 23?

What is the meaning of the 11:11 phenomenon?

Why do you keep looking at the clock at exactly 22:22 or 3.33?

Do you keep seeing number patterns such as 1221 or 123321? Or repeated digits like 555 or 444?

What numbers are hidden within your name? Can you change your name to change your life?

What number are you? Are you a number 5 person, flitting from one thing to another? Maybe you are an inventive and energetic number 1. You could even be a very rare number 22.

You can find the answers to all these questions in this practical and easy to use guide to numerology. You can also learn how to interpret number sequences and how to decode the fascinating and enlightening language of number.


Highly recommended.

What is a life path number? What is a destiny number? What is a master number? Why is eleven different, even from other master numbers? Why do repeated digits need to be interpreted in context? What is the “23 Enigma”? What is a magic square? What do computers have in common with Divine Intelligence? And — of course — what is 11:11 all about?

If any of these questions intrigue you, Numerology Made Easy is the book for you. Written in a deceptively simple style, the information flows from the page into your brain almost magically. For those of us who have studied numerology for years, this book brings it all together in a form that makes the ideas truly functional. For those who are just beginning to study numbers, this is the perfect place to start. Simple examples demonstrate key techniques. Descriptions of the effects of numbers in different areas of our lives are distilled until they are clear, concise, and effective. I was especially interested in what Carter had to say about repeating digits. I got the answers I was looking for, communicated in a manner that will make those answers “stick” with me. This is a book for doers. I highly recommend it. 

~ Anna Jedrziewski,

Hilary H. Carter
Hilary H. Carter Hilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She studied energy healing and Tai Chi in Lo...
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