Moon Surfing
A Lunar Astrology Handbook for Teens

A powerful astrological roadmap for the tumultuous teenage years, unlocking lunar astrology for teens with journaling, case studies and exercises.

Moon Surfing for Teens unlocks the complexities of lunar astrology for teens, turning it into a practical tool which offers guidance and direction through the tumultuous teen years. Teens learn how to spot patterns in their own moods and how to use lunar energies in every aspect of their daily lives, from school to relationships, health, family and friendships. Nikki Harper, former BBC astrologer for a whole generation of teens, guides readers through the creation of a personal moon journal, making it fun and easy for teens to chart and track their emotions and aspirations.
  • Wow! I love this book; what a useful companion for any teenager. I love the simple style that allows for deeper understanding without confusion. I love the idea of teaching teenagers to work with moon energy and learning to understand them more. I even learnt some things about myself from this book and I thought I knew everything there was to know! Every teenage girl should have a copy of this by her bed. ~ Sarah Newton, Teen Champion and Creator of Teenology
  • When you morph into a teenager, from a normal sort of kid, it would be great to have some sort of guidance or even reassurance that this hormonal, temperamental creature that lives in your skin is still you.

    In Moon Surfing you will find some of the many answers on how to manage being a teen, but more importantly begin to understand who you are and how make the best out of the Teen years. ~ Editor's Pick,
  • “In today’s challenging times, teenagers need all the help and support they can get and Nikki has provided the perfect handbook in Moon Surfing. Practical advice in a magical format. I highly recommend it.”
    ~ Jacky Newcomb, Sunday Times Best Selling Author of An Angel Saved My Life
  • Moon Surfing is a brilliantly written and essential guide to astrology for teens, young people and beginners of all ages too. MoonSurfing introduces a complex subject, making it fun, entertaining and accessible to all. A must have book for any budding young astrologers or the astro curious out there! ~ Alice Grist, Author of The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living (Best Book - Prediction Magazine Awards 2011)
  • “A superbly common-sense astrology book with lots of relevant information to help troubled teens cope with everything from breaking-up with boyfriends to making new friends.
    Nikki has done a wonderful job of constructing and interpreting a birth chart using easy-to-follow information and useful website references. This is quite advanced astrological information broken down into easily digestible bite-sized steps so even the most shy astrological student can successfully follow the path of the Moon in their life.”
    ~ Mary English, Author of How to Survive a Pisces
  • Thoughtful, insightful and with her finger firmly on the cosmic pulse, Nikki is the definitive astrological guide to see you through your tricky teen years. ~ Anna McCleery, Producer BBC Slink/Founder of