How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio

How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio

Real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 8th sign of the Zodiac

Real Life Guidance on How to be Friends with and Win the Trust of a Scorpio


Deep, secretive and controlling..... does this describe the Scorpio in your life? Did you know that being able to trust is the most important thing to a Scorpio? Would you like to know how to build that trust and why? This insider information offers real life strategies and gently guides you through the process of making a chart using free on-line resources, so you will know what type of Scorpio is in your life and how to build the trust they need to survive.

Drawing on her extensive client files and using real life examples, Mary English guides you in learning How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio.


I recommend this book to anyone starting out in astrology, and in particular, wanting to learn more about the Scorpio star sign. Mary’s book is easy to read and well suited when you are relaxing. I enjoyed creating my own birth chart using guidance from her book. Her explanation of the essential chart information is also simple and clear. Mary has taken years of astrological work and packaged it into this wonderful zodiac book series which will make a great addition to any bookshelf! ~ Meilin Tan, email

"Overall – I liked the chatty style and found it easy and quick to read and understand. A logical flow to the info. Mary comes across as a warm and caring person. I like the use of quotes to illustrate points – and the fact they go from Voltaire to Puff Daddy is quite astounding! The comments about Scorpios sending her private messages made me laugh! So very typical. Throughout the book, her observations about Scorpios were very accurate and she succeeded in improving our image and making it more positive. History of astrology – very interesting, didn’t know all this. Simple explanation but not so simplified that it makes no sense.  Mary has hit the nail on the head with the five qualities. How to make a chart – easy to understand. Ditto the ascendant chapter. Moon – inclusion of the Bach Flower Essences is different and helpful. Houses – the chart is very simple to understand.  House listings – the description of each house and its characteristics is very clear.  The difficulties section was very insightful and should help a lot of people!  Trusting tactics – very good.  Ditto the Scorpio child/boss/…. section – found this fascinating and oh…so true!! I certainly understand myself more after reading this book! I’m sure it will be useful for a lot of people who have Scorpios in their lives.  So overall, a very positive impression. I’ve read a lot of books about Scorpios and discovered many things in Marys book that I didn’t know – not bad for a small book. My feelings as I read it? “Gosh, fancy that!” - and one of pride for belonging to the eighth zodiac sign." ~ Elaine, email

I didn't really know much about astrology but found Mary's book on how to trust a Scorpio simple and easy to read. I found that it was laid out clearly and concisely with several diagrams of example astrological charts. It was an easy read which engrossed me in aspects such as houses, associations and difficulties. As a Scorpio, I was surprised at how the book explained 'me'! I found that I was acknowledging nuances which actually weren't peculiar to me but to me as a Scorpion. As a novice I really found the chapter on my ascendant sign quite revealing and insightful, with the Moon chapter also giving me tips on the most appropriate Bach flower remedy to use for support. I am now much better equipped to not only understand myself but also Scorpion's as a whole and additionally have a greater understanding of astrology with a thirst for more! ~ Moo Moo, Amazon UK

I very much enjoyed reading How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio because my eldest daughter is a Scorpio thru and thru and is often a hard nut to crack. She enjoys her alone time but when she is ready to be involved in the group it has to be now or never. You would think she is expecting one thing and then find out it was something totally different. This book written by Mary English has given me a great understanding of Scorpios and my daughters thoughts in general. ~ Connie Y, email/newsletter

"I enjoyed the read, and Yes, Mary you were very spot on, I liked how you added the Moon and Asc their meanings with being a Scorpio Sun. You always write about the deepness of the Scorpio and all the things that truly matter to them, loyalty & trust. You should be happy with this book and no doubt many a Scorpio will buy it as it has more depth than the usual astro books. Thank you for sharing this with me. May it be a selling success, I have at least 14 Scorpio friends." ~ Renee, newsletter subscriber

"Marys book was an amazing read it was simply written and understandable. I had moments of a lightbulb going on in my head, and realisations. I felt sad too for Scorpions, as my reaction in the past was one of  intrigue, til my Scorpion daughter had a bust up with my Scorpion best friends  daughter. My 25 year friendship then ended since then I shy away from them. Now I feel as a mother, how I can work with my daughter. I also know as an Aquarius i have raised her well to show emotions  without fear." ~ Polly, newsletter subscriber

"I really, really enjoyed reading about myself.. I have, of course, read things in the past, but I like how Mary touched on the highlights of my sign and turned it into a positive thing and not something to be afraid of or something to be looked upon negatively.. I was very pleased that she came from the approach of trying to enlighten people... the tone of the book was very positive and uplifting... it made me proud to be a Scorpio... it also made me understand different aspects of my sign.... the parts I didnt understand .. but in general, I really enjoyed reading it!!" ~ Miriam, email

"I must admit, I thought I'd learned so much about Scorpios already, from the ones that were in my life... But now I looked at them with a whole new perspective. In general it's just getting better every time, the examples, Marys natural flow of the text makes it easy to read."  ~ Oksana Grajauskaite, email friend

Mary English’s books on the signs of the zodiac provide an ideal way to start learning about astrology. They are particularly suited to anyone who has had their interest piqued through newspaper sun-sign columns and wants to learn a bit more. Each book introduces one sign of the zodiac, and from that basis Mary introduces the reader to the bigger picture – the astrological chart. It seems to me that she strikes a good balance: the basics of constructing a chart are explained, but she never allows this to become dry and theoretical. The reader is kept interested throughout – partly by her lively use of anecdotes, and also because she provides the wherewithal to draw up one’s own astrological chart, so that one is learning about astrology and about oneself from the get-go. Her engaging, conversational style makes the reader feel as if they are having a good gossip with a friend rather than studying, but nonetheless a lot of information is imparted. Her books can be recommended not only to astrological novices, but also to seasoned professionals who feel the need for some astrological refreshment. – Garry Phillipson, author of Astrology in the Year Zero ~ Garry Phillipson, author of Astrology in the Year Zero, email

Mary English’s new book, How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio. I’ve enjoyed the originality and kindliness of other books I’ve seen in her series on the zodiac signs, and I’m pleased to have permission to publish a sample on my blog. ~ Donna Cunningham, Astrologer, Author,

  As a Scorpio with a Scorpio partner, I feel I can say with some authority that this is a penetratingly accurate, insightful look into what makes us tick. If you want to win the trust of a Scorpio you need to read this wonderful book right now!   ~ Kathryn Cassidy , Astrologer and Coach.

"Mary has managed to do the unthinkable : she has taken what is essentially beginners subject matter and fleshed it out with a depth that would impress even a Scorpio! Not only that, but the book is full of useful and helpful pieces of information to help you understand and improve the relationships with the Scorpios in your life. Sun sign books are usually uninspiring affairs, of interest only to beginners, but this is something different. Mary writes in such a way as to keep the reader turning the pages, delighting in the eclectic mix of insights, quotes, advice and real life experiences of real people. Added to that is a chapter on how to draw up a birth chart, resulting in a book beginners and advanced alike will be able to enjoy." ~ Donna Taylor , Astrologer and author of How to use the Healing Power of Your Planets.

"Mary English well understands how those having the Sun, the Moon, or the Ascendant in Scorpio need to trust people more before theyre willing to spill the beans about their deeper selves. Scorpio types have psychological traits that are too intense at times, but are reluctant to talk about them. Their talent for clamming up and hiding behind smoke screens can be intimidating to those who find themselves in relationships with such passionate, cryptic partners, friends, or family members. But Mary's not one whos easily intimidated. She shines a bright light on some of Scorpios inner motives and secret strategies, in ways that can help loved ones to better understand these complex individuals. Her book is just what a novice needs to get them eager to further explore Scorpios and astrology itself. Of interest to many will be the quotations of well-known celebrities (all Scorpios) who unknowingly offer insights into their Scorpio-like behavior. Also included are revealing testimonials from everyday (Scorpio) people. Mary delivers all this and more in an easy-going style of writing. She knows how to make astrology a very human and accessible subject to study!" ~ Bil Tierney , Astrologer and Author of Alive and Well with Neptune and All Around the Zodiac.

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