How to Survive a Pisces

How to Survive a Pisces

How to avoid all the problems of knowing a Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac.


A light look at the Star Sign Pisces. Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the head of a Pisces? Has your life ever been challenged by one that you know or knew? Are you at your wits end trying to get one to understand you?This insider information will guide you through the process of easily making a chart using on-line resources. Thereby gleaning enough information to avoid the common mishaps relating to knowing the last sign of the Zodiac. Discover how to make a chart, how to find the 3 key points that will help you understand one better and how to make the best of the Pisces you know....and the ones you have yet to meet. Drawing on her extensive client files and using real-life examples Mary English guides you in learning How To Survive a Pisces.


As someone who is not a Pisces, but surrounded by them, this was very accurate and humorous to read. I wonder if the books on the other star signs are as accurate. ~ Alissa ,

Hi just finished reading this book and completely loved it. As a Pisces myself I found myself agreeing with every page and found the Ascendant and Moon sign descriptions really helpful as I have friends who like myself are Pisces and while we have so much in common, there are times when there are aspects of their personality I just can't fathom. So I now realise this is where the difference probably lie and also explains why one of my best friend is Aries one of the signs we are not usually compatible with. I have a daughter who like myself is a Pisces and my husband is always saying how alike we are. So when I catch her zoning out from time to time I never comment as this is Pisces just being Pisces. ~ Pat, Amazon UK

This book is very easy to read, the author has a nice style, and there is some good information. However I read it all in one evening - I was imagining a bigger thicker book with more information - it is quite short. But I did enjoy it (I am a Pisces and bought it for myself, to help get insight into my personality and also the personalities of other Pisceans I know, including my Dad and past boyfriends) Certain details were totally illuminating and really resonated with me. It was insightful and helpful, but I feel a lot of points could've been expanded, for example the information on moons and ascendants and how they combine with Pisces - only very brief descriptions of each one were given, and I have since been able to find a lot more detailed information on line. However I still reccommend this book for anyone who is relatively new to astrology and would like to find out about themselves or others in their lives with a Pisces sun sign. ~ Catherine, Amazon Review

Thank you, thank you, thank you because the book has helped. I'm a Fire sign, my husband is a Pisces, so if anyone needed this book, I SURELY DID! (smile) ~ I Heart Amazon "I heart Shopping", Amazon

What an Instructive book. Not only did my partner learn new things about me but I did also. This book made me giggle when I related to so many of the descriptions and sighed at the advise that I could have done with years ago. Thank you Mary. You're a wise women. ~ KateHoward84 , Amazon

This is an excellent read on a very interesting subject. Mary English writes like an angel, and her in-depth knowledge of her subject is highly impressive - Mary, herself a Pisces, has an intuitive grasp of what makes Pisceans tick, aided by her years of study in astrology and related matters. I recommend this book as a gift for the Pisceans in your life, or indeed for anyone involved with Pisceans - it is a super production which many will welcome as an indispensable handbook for understanding Pisces and how to respond to their changing and sometimes challenging ways. ~ Tony Lewis-Jones, Poet

I have a family member and a couple of friends who are Pisces, and Mary English's book was extremely helpful in understanding a lot about them that I hadn't really grasped. I appreciated the history and background Astrology information in this book, and the nuts and bolts specifics to better relate to and understand each Pisces in my life. (Check your birthday book. You may have more Pisces in your life than you think!) I am a bit lazy, and I loved the way the book is broken down so that I could quickly find the sections that applied to my specific Pisces relationships. Mary English's book spoke to me on a practical and an intuitive level in a very straight-forward honest way. Don't miss this one! ~ Barbara Tako, Speaker and Author of Clutter-Clearing Choices

This book is astonishing. As a non-astrologically-clued-up-Piscean [Ive always known I have Pisces traits, but nothing more than that] I found How to Survive a Pisces incredibly easy to read, understand and put to use. The most important thing I could say as an endorsement is that is rang true - completely. I could recognise myself on every page. But, more importantly, I could see what my partner has to put up with (poor thing). It is one of those rare books that cross the boundaries between theoretical and practical. In other words its like a self-help guide to your (or your partners) zodiac, on the one hand giving you the science of the craft and, on the other, showing you how such knowledge can change you life for the better. I thoroughly recommend it to all Pisceans, or anyone who has any personal relationships with those of the sign of the fish.

~ Mark Townsend, Author of The Blue Raven and The Gospel of Falling Down

We all get into situations where another person is so different from us, we can't even begin to understand their thoughts or actions. Usually we choose to avoid such people, but what if we can't? What if that person is your boss, your parent, your sibling, or maybe even your own child? You both would benefit from learning to understand each other and this book can help you do it if the other person is born under the sign of pisces. Even if you don't believe in astrology, give it a try. Take it as psychological advice on how to deal with a certain type of people. I don't know many pisces myself, but if I ever need to have some sort of a relationship with one, I will know how to make it pleasant for both. ~ Oksana Grajauskaite, Lithuanian Journalist

A down-to-earth guidebook on living, loving and getting along with persons born under the last sign of the zodiac. All in all, "How To Survive a Pisces" is a very useful book, with just enough astringency to be healthful in its effect. ~ Nancy Lorraine, Midwest Book Review Bookwatch

Fantastic little book, really readable and easy to understand without the slightest hint of coffee table about it. I love the intro and Mary's own story of how she got into astrology. Lots of really good information like urls for charts online. And wow she has it so accurately about these fishy Pisceans. As another woman working in the same and similar fields I have met a lot of them too...oh yes they can sleep anywhere and the same for those with Pisces moons. Pisces are lovely but need to be understood and this fantastic little book will help you to do so. ~ Fiona Dilston, Homeopath and Counsellor

I loved Mary's illustration of the two fish tied together by the tail trying to go in different directions (one upstream, the other downstream). It's helping me to understand my dad, a friend and my boyfriend. The book is good at taking someone with little or no knowledge about astrology and bringing them up to speed to be able to understand themselves or the Pisces in their lives. The only difficulty is that there is a lot of information which is specific to the exact time your Piscean was born. This makes it of limited use for someone if you don't know their precise birth time (or are too shy to ask!) Yet, the most important aspects are still the sun and the moon and for these - and the outer planets, you only need the date. Saying that, it is a great book and I hope that her next one will be Aquarius! (my sign) ~ Ms L S Aberle, \"Wise Pagan\"

It's about time someone wrote a book that finally let's you gain invaluable insight into the mind of a Pisces. Mary English teaches you how to create a birth chart so you can really understand the pieces that make up the person. I've been surrounded by Pisces all my life and it really allows you to peek inside the Pisces mind so you can truly understand what makes them tick. A must read for anyone who has a Pisces child, friend, lover, boss or employee. It's an owners manual that should come with every Pisces! ~ El Lay Woman, USA


 "Mary's knowledge and astrological expertise shine through in the text and I found myself nodding and smiling to myself.Mary's style is very warm and informal and makes for easy reading."
~ Helen Stokes, The Astrological Journal Volume 52-Number 6 Nov/Dec 2010


This book is a great read for those who,like myself,are married to a Piscean. In fact it is worth being read by anyone who has to live or work with someone born under this sign. As I read through it I was chuckling to myself as I recognised certain traits typical of my husband. This is a straight talking guide to the 'fish people' and offers practical solutions to help you cope with their characteristics. When you finish the book you feel as if you have been in the same room as Mary having a chat with her, such is the friendly and informal style of her writing. I can't wait to read more of her books and will be intrigued to discover what she thinks about my star sign Cancer.

~ Dawn


"I've just finished reading How to Survive a Pisces. I am a Pisces, double in fact (sun and moon) so my foremost task for many years was simply learning to survive myself. I wish I'd read this book thirty years ago. It would have sped up the self-understanding journey. Mary English is a Pisces herself and combined with her work with clients, she clearly knows us well. There were a number of points during the reading when I said to myself, "That's a great insight, how did she know that?" So if you are a Pisces or have relationships of any kind with one--parents, siblings, partners, children, friends, or bosses--you will definitely find this book helpful."

~ Stephen Gray, Author of Returning to Sacred World


I have been interested in Astrology for over forty years. I find Mary's approach to astrology refreshing, possibly because she is a fellow Piscean. This book is eloquent, humorous and yet gets to the point succinctly. With Mary's help I can now, for the first time, in spite of my deep interest in character analysis through astrology, view my and those close to me's birth chart! I cannot describe how empowering this is. It makes me want to know more about chart reading. Understanding others is so important in life.

~ Somersetswan


What Mary shares with us here is truly insightful! It was a compelling and very easy read ~ once I picked it up, I read it from cover to cover without putting it down! 

I learned a great deal more about my 'Pisces' self, but moreover, Mary's words of wisdom enlightened how all the other zodiac signs may interpret us (sensitive Pisces)! 
This was accurate and very revealing! 

I greatly appreciated Mary's helpful guidance and her 'How To' encouragement ~ in the creation and interpretation of Natal charts for friends and family; I found this fascinating! 

Oh! and there were so many points throughout the book ~ where I was in fits of laughter ~ Mary has such a lovely conversational style of writing which made reading most enjoyable. 

A really great little book ~ A full 5 out of 5 stars!

~ Bodhisattva Jedi


How to Survive a Pisces: Well as a Pisces Sun sign, I have often wondered this myself

This book is a good read for all signs whether you are one or not! …but particularly female Pisceans as Mary English is one herself!

The book helps you identify the different types of Pisceans from fluffy ones to feisty ones intellectual ones to floaty ones. You will need to know a little about astrology moon signs and ascendants to get the best out of this, but she explains all this very well.

Must admit she is right Pisces types need a lot of sleep! But I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it.

Conclusion…simply put, the best bit was near the end which deals with the problems concerning survival with a Piscean and the possible solutions in the penultimate Chapter.

The Final chapter,  I should have read first.” Survival Tactics.” Now that bit can help everyone! Should have been the first chapter in my opinion!

 Ah well, a fun book to know how to do your best by Pisceans whether you are one or not! .

 It’s a small and easy to read book and the writer has an easy writing style that flows like reading a good newspaper.

~ Robin Lown , reviewer for Mercury Magazine

This is a wonderful book for anyone who is confused about how to deal with the twists and turns of the slippery fish. I wish it had been around when I was gasping for air in my Pisces parents' watery world, it would have been so enlightening. Even now, as an astrologer of many years standing, I have learned from Mary's insightful guide which I recommend wholeheartedly. ~ Judy Hall, Author of The Astrology Bible, Patterns of the Past, Karmic Connections and The Crystal Zodiac

How to Survive a Pisces is the first in a planned series of 'How to Survive' guidebooks to all 12 zodiac signs. I love the part that covers the different kinds of relationship. This book is full of vivid and accurate observations of Piscean natives in a wide variety of relationships from lovers to bosses, friends and a full spectrum of family members. Herself a Pisces, she presents wise counsel for dealing with them in each of those situations—what to expect in both day to day life and in crisis as well as strategies to cope when the going gets rough. ~ Donna Cunningham, US Astrological Author

"How to Survive a Pisces" is an insightful and practical look at how to enjoy life with a Pisces. It is accessible so offers lots to a beginner interested in astrology but is detailed enough to appeal to seasoned experts too. As an Aquarian living with a Pisces, I get treated to a good dose of watery Piscean energy daily and I love it. This book offered me insight into some areas which I hadn't thought about before and I had to laugh when reading about problems with water manifesting around this sign as we always have an issue with water flow, be it a dripping tap, blocked drains etc. A very interesting and informative read. I am already looking forward to the other books in the series that explain what it's like to live with other signs of the zodiac! ~ Melissa Corkhill, Editor of The Green Parent Magazine.

Mary English shares her extensive knowledge and insight through her regular astrology column in the Green Parent magazine. Readers are thrilled with Mary's no nonsense, inspirational advice and many turn to the horoscopes page first to find out what's in store for them over the coming weeks. ~ Melissa Corkhill, Editor of The Green Parent Magazine

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