How to Love a Libra
How to Get Along and be Friends with the 7th Sign of the Zodiac
Discover how to love a Libra.

A light look at the Star Sign Libra. Have you ever fallen in love with a Libra? Do you know why love is so important to them? Do you know why they hate arguments so much, even though they may start one? This insider information will guide you through the process of easily making a natal chart using free on-line resources. You will discover how to find the three key points that will help you to love a Libra better. Drawing on her extensive client files and using real-life examples, Mary English gently guides you in learning "How To Love a Libra".
  • I liked the Answers to the Problems in this book the only problem i had with this book is that i found some of it a little confusing but thats because of my astrology knowledge which is not enough and no fault of the book i recommend this to any libra and astrologer out there. ~ chrissy, Amazon uk
  • Lighthearted but not Lightweight!

    I've really enjoyed reading 'How to Love a Libra'. I like the layout which makes it easy to read. And the style is very friendly.

    There is just enough information in each section to give one a good overview of the way everything dovetails into the personality traits.

    I recognised the differences between myself, my daughter and my husband (all Librans!) Wish I'd had a copy a few years earlier. ~ Marion Eaton, Amazon
  • Just as in the rest of the series, Mary covers just the right amount the detail for the keen amateur - and in a very accessible format. ~ a reviewer, Amazon UK
  • How to love a Libra is entertainingly accurate 18 Dec 2012

    If your partner, brother or sister are Libran this book is an essential read.It will enable you to see how to interact with the Libran traits and how best to understand this most sociable sign of the zodiac .Always remember that the scales like to be balanced equally and when they are not in harmony everyone will know about it !
    A great read and I have lots of Libran friends that I see typical remarks made ,one thing is certain about Librans they need to live in beautiful surroundings,somewhere that is dull and shoddy will depress them ~ Jill, Amazon
  • Full of Help!!
    For those of us who love a Libra either as a partner, child or friend, this book is just so helpful! Sometimes I have struggled to understand my libra friend's nature and the complexity of his character that I have given myself a sore head. This book basically allows us to understand their thinking, their emotional reactions and their strengths and weakness's.
    It is well written in a conversational style that makes the terms of astrology easier to understand. I enjoyed it so much that I now want Mary English's advice on leo, pisces, taurus and virgo! ~ Colette Brown, Amazon
  • Mary English has written a guide-book homage, that is as charming, enchanting, intimate, factual and aptly fanciful as is her Libran subject. And I'm going out immediately to acquire the harmonizing, balancing recommended Bach Flower adaptogen immediately. Or as close to "immediately," as a Libran can be. ~ Caroline Casey Author of Making the Gods Work for You
  •  An absolute gem of a book for anyone with a Libra in their life. Mary’s friendly, accessible and chatty style is a delight to read and the experiences of real Librans throughout the book help to bring the astrology alive. Information about the Libra sun sign is blended with details about your Libra’s Ascendant and Moon signs too, so this little book certainly packs a punch. ~ Nikki Harper Astrologer and Author of Moon Surfing for Teens
  • I think the book has a nice balance of dry astrological theory and practical implications.
    The theory at the start helps to contextualise what you are talking about and make the whole topic become more meaningful.

    I think the quotes nicely illustrate the points you make and I think they help to add a real weight and authority to the book.
    The quotes help the whole theory come alive and relevant exactly to human life and our day to day interactions.
    What I find fascinating, is this is the sort of stuff you never see in life.
    We all live our lives separately and our interactions with people are very much the product of those (Libran) internal-workings. The thought processes and cognitions we all have relevant to our signs. But never see in others!
    The book helps to shed some light on them and in that regard, definitely does help one to understand a Libran.
    As a whole, your warmth and compassion really comes through and it actually made me miss speaking with you and seeing you in person.
    Your unique energy really comes through and it gives the book a great position of occupying astrological literature, but not being limited to astrologists. It is not daunting to read and as I say, the quotes give the book depth, clarity and direction and above all else make the book become more than words on a page...but become relevant to real life!! ~ Mark Edwards, email