How to Cheer Up a Capricorn

How to Cheer Up a Capricorn

Real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 10th sign of the zodiac

Real Life Strategies to help the Capricorn you know live a Happy Life using Free on-line Astrological Resources.


Serious, responsible, stoic. Does this describe the Capricorn in your life? Are you at a loss to know how to enjoy happiness with your Capricorn? Do you want to know how to Cheer One Up or help one that is Feeling Down?

This insider information will gently guide you through the process of easily making a chart using free on-line resources, so you will know what type of Capricorn they are, and real-life strategies to Cheer One Up.

Drawing on her extensive client files and using real life examples, Mary English guides you in learning How To Cheer Up A Capricorn.


I recommend this book to anyone starting out in astrology and in particular, wanting to learn more about the Capricorn star sign. This is easy and light-hearted reading which is well suited for a relaxing Sunday afternoon or just before bedtime. I enjoy Mary’s personal touches to the entire book, be it through conversations she had with clients and friends, or experiences with her younger sister. This book serves its intended purpose, that is, to cheer up a Capricorn you know (or it could be for the Capricorn in you!), using practical remedies and suggested actions… so, arm yourself with your Capricorn’s date, time and location of birth and enjoy the empowering knowledge that this book brings! ~ Meilin Tan, email

The Core of Creepy, Crusty Capricorn ^^ I just love strolling into bookshops and browsing, don't you? That's how I met this lovely book! Mary English tells you everything you need to know to be able to understand and adapt to Capricorns, to appreciate them in a way that they should be. I'll tell you that the book helps me understand my beloved Cap BF, my taciturn yet generous Cap cousin, the mad Cap husband of my high school bestie, and a dear Cap close friend better. Read it for yourself! You'll laugh and grin and nod and find things that you need to make your life with any Capri more understandable. I swear to you it's worth it! ~ Alam Octinur, email


Brilliant insight into how a Capricorn sees life.

I live with a Capricorn and this little gem has helped me to understand why I do find it quite a heavy experience sometimes. A happy Capricorn is a delight but when gloom and doom strikes I disappear! I found the differentiation of various moon and ascendant placements really interesting and the advice on cheering up that particular type of Capricorn has worked well, so thank you Mary for going that much deeper into their mindset and helping me to improve our relationship. The Capricorn in question heartily endorsed the book but was a bit put out that the jolly fun side of a Capricorn was not given much coverage and did resolve to be more upbeat more of the time.

~ Elizabeth, Amazon UK

Relevant, practical & meaningful tips

I read this book in one sitting. (I have ADD and this is unheard of for me.) It was very easy to understand, even though I have some astrology knowledge, it still kept my interested. Its very conversational and anecdotal, with tips to use which keeps my interest. Very practical. Sometimes what you read on the internet is very impersonal about astrology. This book makes it relevant. I wish I had this book growing up as a Cap-rising with two Cap parents. My teen years would have been a lot smoother. My whole world was Capricornian and if I read this book then, I would have had a much easier time understanding how to deal with Saturn and what it wants from us a lot better. Alas, you lucky people get to have it. :) Overall, I have discovered Mary English and I really look forward to her other books. I wish everyone wrote in this style because astrology IS personal. To be relevant, in my opinion, it should be presented this way. LOVE IT! 

~ Cairene, Amazon USA


What its like to be a Capricorn

As a Sun Capricorn I can say this is easily the best description I have read of what its like to be a Capricornian. 
Anybody who wants to understand what makes us tick should read this. They wont be disappointed. 
I found the sections relating to other aspects of the astrological chart too brief and uninformative to be helpful. More information is needed to make it useful. 
Otherwise an interesting read and it would make a good gift for anybody who has an important Capricorn in their life.

~ Janept, Amazon UK

A brilliant inside look at one of the earth signs. Mary explains in great detail the traits of a Capricorn, and this goes a long way towards figuring what makes them tick. Being a Capricorn myself, it was like embarking on a journey to explore the inner self. Easy to read, even for a novice like me. A must for all Capricorns and their partners, family, anyone who really wants to know what a Capricorn is all about

~ Rosie1557, Amazon

From the beginning of this delightfully insightful book, Mary Englishs non-nonsense digging and delving into the nature of Capricorn personalities draws us into their diligent and perhaps doleful world. The author accomplishes this with gentle humanity, humour and experience, and we are drawn into a Capricorns world to better understand their hidden depths. The book is deceptively simple, readable, and informative. You can dip into it at any level, and skim over bits you dont feel it necessary to know in detail. You can even learn how to construct a chart, and Mary shares her considerable experience in an inclusive way. The book is peppered with quotes from Capricorns themselves (some well known), their families, friends, and literature. 

Reading this book has already given me helpful insight into a relative who is a Capricorn - I shall be dipping into it regularly from now on! I particularly enjoyed the last two chapters Solutions and Cheering up Tactics which are full of tips and treasures to help lighten the heart of a Capricorn.

I enjoyed the look and feel of the book as well - not too much dense text on the page, and in an easy to read font. Its a perfect present for a Capricorn or those who think they know them. 

Heres looking forward to the next in the series!

~ Mrs M Clarke , Amazon

What a good idea for a series of books, one for each sign of the zodiac! However, perhaps a description of the author herself and her qualifications and experience as an astrologer might have hooked the reader in more quickly rather than the slightly tedious introduction to all her family members who were Capricorns. However, skipping over the introduction, the chapters themselves were interesting and informative. 

I would have liked to have had more description of the positive qualities associated with Capricorn along with the negatives. As well as the usual serious, businesslike, shrewd epithets used to describe this earth sign some of the positives are: stable, reliable, grounded, not-extreme (i.e. not manically happy and not extremely depressed) adventurous, with a dry sense of humour, loving, kind, loyal and faithful. 

In much the same way as every cloud has a silver-lining, it would have been useful to see the more negative traits tempered with the more positive traits that are the opposite side of the coin, e.g. boring-reliable, selfish-self-sufficient, pessimistic-careful etc. This would perhaps have given a more rounded picture of the Capricorn personality. I am married to a Capricorn and one of my grandchildren is also Capricorn so, like the author, I have personal experience of keeping the Capricorn tendency to melancholy at bay!

However, all in all, this book is well-written, informative and entertaining and easily accessible to all those interested in finding out a bit more about what makes the Capricorn tick! 

~ Mary Learmount, Amazon

A great inside look to one of the "down to earth" signs, that rarely show any emotions, which makes them difficult to figure out. Easy to read and full of interesting real life examples (including famous people) makes this book a both fun and useful experience even for those who might not yet now much about astrology. Just like other books by Mary English, it is informative but not tedious, with a hint of personal experience and without a doubt practical. I should know... I find it hard to get along with the "earthy" types of the zodiac, which a Capricorn also is.

~ Oksana Grajauskaite , Amazon

 "Being an exacting Capricorn myself, I began reading Mary English's book with a skeptical eye. I was ready to pounce upon her slightest error. But I found none. She writes about my sun sign with penetrating clarity tempered with compassion and sympathetic understanding. If you love a Capricorn, read this book. It will help you love him or her more skillfully. You may even see a smile!" ~ Steven Forrest Astrologer, Author of The Inner Sky

"Having read all about Capricorn in these pages, and coming from a family clustered with them and Saturn a dominant family motif, I so enjoyed Mary English's approach.  This book is terrific, it is about people, real people!  

Stories about individual Capricorn's, their relationships, and the uniqueness each person expresses within the primordial archetype that Kronos/Capricorn demands. There is some black humour to it all - and isn't that the best part about Capricorn?"

~ Erin Sullivan, Author of Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body and Soul.


Mary has a wonderful writing style! Very easy and enjoyable to read.

~ Marc A Pitman FundRaising Coach, Author of Ask Without Fear!: A Simple Guide to Connecting Donors With What Matters to Them Most.

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