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A revolutionary new book and software package for the astrological seeker.

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How to avoid all the problems of knowing a Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac.

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Astrology as a spiritual discipline rather than a predictive system

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Revolutionary interactive astrology; all you need to know is your Star Sign and how old you are.

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Everyone wants to know about Mercury Retrograde! Blaze explains what, when and how to enjoy them in this witty guide.

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Using easy-to-use language and free on-line resources, find out how to identify the Aquarians in your life...and bond with them.

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How to Believe in a Sagittarius

How to Believe in a Sagittarius

Real life guidance on how to get on and be friends with the ninth sign of the zodiac

How to truly understand the Sagittarius in your life by believing in them and making your own life much easier.


A light look at the Star Sign Sagittarius. Adventurous, Philosophical and Tactless. Does this describe the Sagittarius you know? Are you aware of how important their beliefs are to them? They wont be shy about telling you!

This insider information will gently guide you through the process of easily making a chart using on-line resources so you can truly understand the Sagittarius in your life.

Discover how to make a chart, how to find the three key points that will help you believe in one better and how to make the best of the Sagittarius you know and the ones you have yet to meet. Drawing on her extensive client files and using real-life examples Mary English guides you in learning How To Believe in a Sagittarius.


Being from Korea, Astrology is not a common topic I come across. However this is my 3rd book of the author Mary English, I have read so far. Her ability to communicate such a complicated topic in a style that is understandable to anyone of any culture is definately a gift of hers. The book contains a brief history of Astrology, the author's personal experiences with Sagis and a step by step guide to reading your own Sagi chart. All this in the most beginner friendly manner for anyone to understand. The only aspect of the book that was disappointing was that I wanted more! I had finished the book feeling hungry for more details( each Ascendents, Houses and Planets) . :) I have a Sagi mother who is suffering greatly physically and emotionally, so this book hit a nerve for me. It mentioned aspects that are important to this particular sign that I had NEVER thought about. I had tried desperately to understand my mother only to exhaust myself and be of little help to her. So, what some may argue as being untrue about astrology weighs nothing in comparison to the fact that the information in this book broadened my possibilities to connect with someone I love so much! There is nothing not to believe about that~! :) The book is fun, easy to read and~~anyone who wants to, needs to or hopes to connect/understand with someone under this sign can certainly benefit! ~ Bella Doe, private email

5.0 out of 5 stars Surviving and thriving with a Sagi Star. I have a Sagi partner and a Sagi daughter and reading this book has been very revealing. I feel it has given me so much more insight and understanding to my relationships with them and my many Sagi friends. As I read about the Mary's family I really felt I was there in her circle and this was a very personable and inclusive experience. I loved hearing about her father's adventures and how this illustrated the Sagi personality in full flow. It has made so much sense to me around my own family experiences and I laughed at the similarities. I am guessing that if you have Sagi's in your life you will too. The practical information in this book is very simple in it's sharing and makes an often complicated subject, very easy to understand and that is ,in my experience so far, quite rare in this field. I have been to a workshop by Mary and this is what I love about her style. She is passionate about astrology and wants people to share in the wonder it brings to life and it shows in everything she does. I loved the celebrity aspects and some of the people mentioned have had a big impact in my life, so it was fascinating to see how I shared certain planetary matches with them. What I took from this book most of all was the aspect about how Sagittareans bring truth and honesty to our lives and how they are often labelled "tactless" and what I feel so pertinant to the time we are living in now. Is that truly a "bad" thing ? When we are resistant to hearing the truth we often shoot the messenger instead of facing the message. I believe Sagi's are the amazing wayshowers our society can learn from right now. ~ Flowwithjo, Amazon

Sugarless, Sparkling Sagittarians Right, on to the review. This is a book about the characteristics of Sagittarians. The good things about them, the bad things, how to deal with them and their idiosyncrasies. People who are exasperated and/or confused by, yet still love and enjoy, the cruel candour and cheery charm of Sagittarians that are part of their lives would be helped with this book. The book starts with some background on the history of Astrology, specifically that of the Archer's sign. From start to end, Ms. English brings in examples from the Sagittarius people whom she knew, living and dead - her observation and interview of them. This might seem a bit cheesy, but as you read you'll find yourself recalling your favourite and not-so-favourite Sagittarians, comparing them and mostly agreeing with what she says. Stylistically, Ms. English has shown some improvement from that of the 'Capricorn' book (How to Cheer Up a Capricorn: Real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 10th sign of the zodiac): she didn't meander as much ^.^ This book is also simpler than its predecessor, without sacrificing the intent, which is to explain Sagittaires. If you don't know much (or at all) about astrology, this book is a good primer (along with this old standby of mine: Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and Ms. English's other work 6 Easy Steps in Astrology). You get just enough background about Sagittarius and the descriptions are good - sometimes you must twist your head a bit to be able to apply her methods to your particular Sagittarian, but that's why God gives us brain anyway: to adapt. One thing for sure: this book makes me recall the dear and not-so-dear Sagittarians I have had the privilege to meet (my beloved adopted grandpa the Black Baron, my adopted siblings Nico of the 25 Smiles and Orin the Flamboyant, Obi Yan Ashadow who thinks of me as his second mother, my shy nephew Botchan Botarino, my brother's ex Elsa, my former colleague Mr. Saat) and smile, for now I understand them just a bit better. ~ DarkwingLady, Amazon

As a professional astrologer, I was amazed to see a book that focuses on just one sun sign. How to Believe in a Sagittarius is the fourth in a series that began with English’s sign, How to Survive a Pisces. She states that she didn’t intend to write 12 books, but that once she finished Pisces, her friends started asking when she was going to write books about their signs. I tell my own astrology students that the best way to learn astrology is to study, but then go out into the world and observe. English supplements her astrological knowledge with quotes from many different Archers with different moon and rising sign positions, as well as in different houses, which gives the book a “real” feeling that I truly enjoyed. While the first series of chapters gives the standard information on the general terms of this 9th sign of the Zodiac, as well as the different astrological permutations listed above, English’s writing style is very straightforward and cites many different well-known astrology texts, like Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. You will find yourself chuckling as she describes your Sag spouse, friend, or co-worker. I especially liked Sag Walt Disney’s quote when English discussed the 3rd house, which rules communication: “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.” Chapter Six is entitled simply “The Problems”. Given the title of her first book, perhaps it was complaints about Pisces people that inspired her to write the first book in the series. English explains that for the most part in her astrology practice, she doesn’t have many clients complaining about Sag folks in their lives; rather, it’s the Archers themselves that cause her difficulty. Some standard Sag challenges are laid bare here, but Sag is a sign that wouldn’t have it any other way, anyway. So no worries there. Thankfully, Chapter Seven follows up with “The Solutions”, and armed with the information in this small but useful book, hopefully you’ll have a much greater chance of success with your chosen Sag person. Any book written about one sun sign is fraught with danger, in my opinion. It’s a very fine line to walk because you want to give the truth—and especially in Sag’s case this extremely important!—but you want to be careful of painting picture that makes them seem like either the greatest sun sign or the worst. I think English did an excellent job of cataloging the Archer’s strong and weak points and presenting it in a very positive way. You won’t walk away from this book without it changing your perspective on the Sag person or people in your life. Now that I’m finished reading How to Believe in a Sagittarius, I have a question for Ms. English: When is the Scorpio book coming out? Many, many inquiring Scorpios like myself would like to know. ~ John Marani,

A must have for anyone in close contact with a Sagittarius! Being a Capricorn, I decided that I would read this book whilst cross referencing a number of my Sagittarian family and friends, as a project. The book starts by introducing you to the sign and goes into the history of astrology and how it has evolved into the subject we are all familiar with today and leads up to creating and understanding the very basics of a birth chart. As I turned each page, I kept hearing myself giggling and laughing out loud on occasion as I identified different aspects of the Sagittarian personality with people in my life, and enjoying the insightful advice offered by the author who has had many years practicing as an Astrologer in picturesque Bath. I also found that there were areas of the book that reminded me of myself - so much so that I checked my chart, only to find that I have Jupiter and Uranus in the 6th House and Neptune in the 7th, and all of them in Sagittarius! Not only was I shocked that I recognised Sagittarius in myself having never spotted it before, but - more importantly - how accurate it actually was! The book helped me to have a deeper understanding of my relationships with my Sag companions and also about a large portion of my own personality. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read from cover to cover with plenty of references and pointers to encourage further research from the reader. I highly recommend this book to anyone fortunate enough to have a Sagittarius in their life (or their chart) and I plan on buying many copies of this book as gifts for friends! ~ freffenwolf, Amazon and email

"How to Believe in a Sagittarius" is broad ranging in style and content. Mary English intersperses the history and principles of astrology with the characteristics of the sign. Mary draws on personal research and published accounts to give this empathic view of the Sagittarius and her disclosures of her Sagittarian father are endearing. She has provided an objective and believable depiction of the Sagittarius. ~ Yvonne Le Grys, in person writers group

Great book for beginner astrologers too. This book is written in a casual and laid back style which makes it easy to understand for the beginner enthusiast. Mary starts with some astrology history and covers the basics of astrology. She also has interesting anecdotes about the planets. There are lots of quotes from Sagittarian natives to give the reader a good sense what this sign is about. In-depth explanation is given on the various Sagittarian traits and qualities. There is a chapter on how to do an online birth-chart and it explains the various details such as Ascendant and Moon signs, and 1-12 houses before going into more depth of the Sagittarian qualities. Even though I am an amateur Sagittarian astrologer, I still learned quite a few bits about myself - especially chapter 8 (Believing in Tactics). Mary has a refreshing way of writing and I would really recommend this book to Sagittarians who want to understand themselves a bit better, or those that are close to them but can't quite get a grip on them. A worthwhile book to get. ~ Irma Vocht, Amazon

My mother is a Sagittarius and I have through out my life had difficulty communicating and understanding her. This book has very clearly shown me why.

It is full of interesting history, quotes and fascinating stories.

If you have a family member that is a Sagittarius this is a definite must read for you. In fact if you consider one day a Sagittarius will have direct involvement in your life this book is invaluable.

It teaches you their peculiar ways and habits (I am a Virgo), so that you can understand them and react in an appropriate way.

Mary English also instructs you on how to draw up a birth chart on the computer for your Sagittarius Friend.

That friend could be described as Straight forward, Philosophical, optimistic, talkative, self indulgent, blunt and pushy.

If you are curious to learn more read How to believe in a Sagittarius....... entertaining, informative and compelling read.

~ Ms A L Dettmar, Personal Private email & amazon

From my personal experience, Sagittarius is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac (along with Scorpio). Theyre active, LOUD, extremely straight-forward... To most they seem immature, irresponsible and, as the book perfectly notes, tactless. Ive seen way too many people judging Sagittarius by that loudness and brutally honest attitude and failing to notice the tender, loving and mature (!) side of them. If youre having trouble agreeing with me, this book is definitely for you. It explains thoroughly and clearly how to see those "hidden" qualities of a Sagittarius and how to deal with (or, rather, accept) the "cover" part of them, while enjoying the "book" of full personality. As always, Marys book is easy to understand for anyone, even if you havent ever looked deep into astrology and this is your first book on the topic. And its full of real life examples to remind its all about real people out there.

In short: if you know a Sagittarius, this book is a MUST! Youd be giving yourself a great gift, learning to take the most out of your Sagittarius experience.

~ Oksana Grajauskaite , Personal Private email & amazon

So its obvious that your Sag is athletic, loves to travel, doesnt want to settle down. Did you know that you should resist telling him what to do??? That one kernel of truth was worth the price of this book. I wish I had had that bit of knowledge earlier in life; it would have saved me boatloads of grief. You will find your own kernel of truth in each of Marys books. They are gems of wisdom!

~ Mary Shukle, Personal Private email & amazon

Mary English has done a fascinating research exercise. Her book contains useful insights that explain why Sagittarius is by far the most important sign of the zodiac. Er, isn’t it?

~ Jonathan Cainer, Sagittarian/UK Astrologer/Author of the Complete Book of the Zodiac

How to Believe in a Sagittarius is the ideal gift for all those Sagittarians out there who try so hard to understand life and the world that they often neglect to understand themselves. This is a wonderful book for the complete astrology novice, as Mary English discusses how astrology evolved and just exactly what a Sun sign is. She also explains how to construct your own birth chart using a simple, effective method.  However, this is also a great read for experienced astrologers and offers fascinating insights into Sagittarius as a Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant, as well as in conjunction with the other Sun signs, and more. I am a lifelong student of astrology and a professional astrologer with four published astrology books, and still found How to Believe in Sagittarius helpful and inspiring. As I was reading it, I was so excited that I had to stop for a few minutes and order a copy online as a gift for my Saggie friend. I know she'll love it! Mary English has a flowing, articulate and accessible style that leads you directly to the heart of the matter, Sagittarius style, and keeps you turning pages, wanting more.


~ Chrissie Blaze, Astrologer & Author of seven books including \"Superstar Signs: Sun Signs of Heroes and You\".

I've often wondered why I've been surrounded by Sagittarian men, starting with my grandfather and continuing with my brother, first husband, son, brother-in-law and son-in law. After reading this wonderful book, now, as a quiet Taurean, I know why I've drawn this fiery energy to myself!

~ Celia M Gunn, , Author of A Twist in Coyote's Tale, A Dark Wind, and Simply Totem Animals


How to Believe in a Sagittariusis a fun and very easy book to read. Not only does Mary English give wonderful insight to the Sagittarian personality using examples from her vast client base, but astrology is explained in a nice, simple and understandable way. I shall certainly give a copy of this book to my Sagittarian friends for their birthday, and am looking forward to when Mary publishes the one on MY sun sign.

~ Chris Turner, Astrologer and Author of StarStruck

 This book is the perfect present for the birth of Sag child to accompany the child through life. Parents, teachers, co-workers and partners will all benefit from the insights found here. But, as Sag knows only too well, it's never too late to gain more wisdom so, if you want to help your adult Sag fulfil their true potential, read it now.

~ Judy Hall, , Karmic Astrologer and author of The Crystal Bibles.

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