How to Soothe a Virgo

How to Soothe a Virgo

real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 6th sign of the Zodiac

Real-life strategies on how to get the best from the Virgo in your life.


A light look at the Star Sign Virgo: orderly, analytical...and perfectionist. Does this describe the Virgo in your life? Do you know why perfection is so important for them? Do you also know how to soothe their nerves when they get anxious? This insider information will gently guide you through the process of easily making a chart using free online resources. With this understanding you can reduce conflict and ensure peaceful relations with the 6th sign of the Zodiac. Drawing on her extensive client files, Mary English guides you in learning How to Soothe a Virgo.


Concise and easy to follow guides to identify and understand your individual Virgo family member or friend, what he/she feels and why - and how to understand / help / live with them. Essential reading if there's a Virgo in your life. ~ Cherry Stevens, email

Am laughing and cursing as I read this. The Japanese has this lovely word for this condition of “asking for attention precisely by denying”, of “saying yes by saying no”: tsundere BTW, the stars work in a funny way.  My former student but forgot to ask his birth hour, sorry), visited me at the office yesterday.  We talked a mile a minute, and lo, I immediately recalled the Virgo traits that I relearned in your book. That's what your books DO, Madam, they make people recall and compare and make conclusions.  IMHO, you did a good job describing Virgo traits. Now that I know that you exist, all I need to do is set aside money from work and buy your books and savour them one at a time.  Thank you for being here and doing what you do.  Have a great weekend, and my prayers for you always. Blessed Be. Sincerely yours, Alam Octinur ~ Alam Octinur, email reviewer from Newsletter list

I have no planets in Virgo, and have never thought of myself as having any Virgo traits; but you have me thinking and realizing that having Pluto and Jupiter in the 6th certainly counts for something! I tend to overdo whatever I’m working on. I do think about my projects in depth; once it’s clear in my mind, I relax. I especially loved the part 'How the Zodiac Signs are When They’re Not Feeling Well' All in all, I like the book very much! I learned something! Thanks! Mary ~ Mary Shukle, email reviewer

"very particular. In an open-minded way" (page 44) - this is so funny. So is "Trying to be careful, sensitive, respectful and kind to everyone. If they deserve it." This is amazing, I enjoy these parts so much, they're truly fascinating. Great book really :) Truly represents the essence of Virgo. I really enjoyed it :) ~ Oksana Grajauskaitė, email list/reviewer

A very readable and entertaining book for Virgos and, more importantly, for those who love, live or work with a Virgo. Mary is spot on with her insights into this misunderstood zodiac sign, blending great advice with practical tips and good humour. ~ Nikki Harper DMS.Astrol Author of Moon Surfing for Teens

Mary English
Mary English Mary English was born in London and educated in Switzerland at the American International School of Zurich. She comes from a large family an...

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