How to Satisfy a Taurus

How to Satisfy a Taurus

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and be Friends with the Second Sign of the Zodiac

How to get along and be friends with the 2nd sign of the zodiac.


Steady, sensuous and patient...does this describe the Taurus in your life? Did you know how important being satisfied is to them? Would you like to know how to make their lives wonderful with a few insider tips? This real-life information will gently guide you in learning how to use Astrology to help make your life easier, using free on-line resources. Then you will know what type of Taurus is in your life and how to bring them the sense of satisfaction that they need to survive.
Drawing on her extensive client files and using real-life examples, Mary English guides you to learning How to Satisfy a Taurus.


As a (self-satisfied) triple Taurus (Sun, Moon and Mercury) with Gemini as Ascendant, after reading Mary's book, How to Satisfy a Taurus, it doesn't at all surprise me that I am a lifelong passionate gardener and writer who deeply values the sensual world. ~ Celia Gunn, author A Twist in Coyote's Tale and Simply Totem Animals

Mary writes with both a deep understanding and great humour. She has the ability to sum up a sign's essence in a title- no mean feat! I love the way she goes through the history of Astrology, the sign and its ruling planet. This is more than the usual superficial glance at a sign. It provides true understanding! ~ Ana Isabel, Astrologer & Presenter for My Spirit Radio

Mary English
Mary English Mary English was born in London and educated in Switzerland at the American International School of Zurich. She comes from a large family an...
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