How to Listen to a Gemini

How to Listen to a Gemini

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and be Friends with the 3rd sign of the Zodiac

How to make the best of the Gemini friendships you have using easy astrological information and guidance.


Good at conversation, full of ideas and loving change...does this describe the Gemini in your life? Do you know, however, how important being listened to is for them? Would you like to understand this double-bodied sign? This insider information offers you relevant information on how to use an astrological birth chart to make the best of the Gemini in your life. Find out the three most important parts of an Astrological birth chart, to identify your Gemini’s strengths.
Using useful tips, suggestions, flower essences and real-life examples from her private practice in the UK, Mary English guides you in learning How to Listen to a Gemini.


It’s a great read, with many very significant insights into Geminis’, their personalities and the one hundred and one things that go into making up the many colourful and diverse aspects of their lives. If your partner, boss, or significant others in your life really wants to figure out just what makes you tick, buy them a copy; It may help providing you, and they, do appreciate that with a Gemini everything is infinitely changeable in life, especially theirs! Alternatively if you have a Gemini as a treasured member of your staff, definitely go out and buy a copy! Mary English knows her subject well and the chapters dealing with discovering just what aspect of Gemini we belong to is well detailed and very helpful. The step-by step guide to creating your own astrological chart is clear and easy to follow, that is there to help you understand yourself of course, but, once you get to the more complex bits like house systems, remember to hold on to your patience and try not to rush: I am saying this from experience because all you do is get thoroughly muddled and have to start again and as a Gemini, I did not appreciate having to retrace my steps. The book is one of series which helps you understand all the twelve signs of the zodiac and compliments some of the many other books available on the subject of star signs and their influences on events, people and career. We are all more than curious about what lies ahead for us, what make us what and who we are, therefore we can’t resist trying to take a peek into things unknown or pondered upon, which is where this series comes in very handy. Enjoy peeking! ~ Jan Mawdesley,

Love the book! Especially because I learned something!  (Airy Geminian thing to say, right?)  ~ Mary Shukle

Hi Mary Well, I did enjoy that! Good luck! - and I look forward to meeting you sometime when I am back in the SW. Victoria x ~ Victoria, emai

As a Sagittarius with several planets in Gemini, a Gemini former husband and a very current Gemini granddaughter I speed-read my way through this book. I thought I understood the changeable Gemini dynamic very well but Mary manages to throw light into the darkest corners of this multi-tangled sign and her practical suggestions for coping with a Gemini are manna from heaven. ~ Judy Hall, The Astrology Bible

This is a brilliantly entertaining read. As a true blue Gemini I can attest to being a compulsive communicator (of course I knew that already) who loves to speak French (who knew that was a Gemini trait!) I am driven by a wide-ranging curiosity about anything and everything and a dread of boredom. If I can't move house I will move the furniture and even the rooms around. Likewise with the plants and trees in my garden - none are safe! Every parent of a Gemini child and anyone with a Gemini friend will surely recognize their loved one in this sweet book and get some valuable guidance on how to manage them!!! ~ Miranda Castro, Homeopathic Educator and Author of Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby's First Year

Mary English
Mary English Mary English was born in London and educated in Switzerland at the American International School of Zurich. She comes from a large family an...

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