How to Lavish a Leo

How to Lavish a Leo

Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and Be Friends with the 5th Sign of the Zodiac

Using easy-to-understand astrology, learn how to be friends with the sign Leo.


Warm, dramatic, demonstrative...and vain...does this sound like the Leo you know? Would you like to know how you can make them feel all warm and fuzzy by attending to their needs? Did you also know that you can't lavish them with too much attention? This insider information gently guides you in making a chart using free online resources and offers real-life strategies and solutions so you will truly know how to get along with the Leo in your life.
Drawing on her extensive client files and using real-life examples, Mary English guides you in learning How to Lavish a Leo


How to Lavish a Leo doesn't confine itself to Sun-Sign descriptions alone but includes the combinations that distinguish one Leo from the next. Initial chapters cover the Leo Sun and the twelve Ascendants, and the Leo Sun and the twelve Moon signs. the Leo with an Aries Ascendant is far more extroverted than the Leo with a Cancer Ascendant , for example. The quotes that go along with these particular combinations clarify the difference, Louis Armstrong is a Leo with Aries on the Ascendant and he said. 'Musicians don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them.' Then, Robert De Niro is a Leo with Cancer Ascendant , and he states that 'people don't try to show their feeling, they try to hide them. Isn't it interesting how we judge the world around us through our own filters. Two chapters explore the Leo problem areas and the potential solutions, once you understand your Leo better by knowing the Moon and Rising signs you are in a position to lavish him or her. ~ Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun, interesting and edifying! Format:Paperback This is a must-read book for anyone who is or who knows a delightful Leo! As in all the other books in this series, Mary English brings this sign alive. Her engaging style and in-depth knowledge of her subject shines through on every enjoyable page. Highly recommended. ~ Christine, Amazon UK

Perceptive, original, in-depth and fun! How to Lavish a Leo is a thoroughly enjoyable look at the Leo personality. After I read it, I had a deeper insight into the Leo personality and how he/ she relates to other people and to the world. Mary English covers enough basics of astrology, that anyone could pick up this book and appreciate it. Throughout the book she has perceptive comments by Leo personalities, which makes the subject come alive.She covers Leo from so many different aspects that you end up with a firm understanding of that sign. If you're a Leo, or in a relationship with a Leo, or work with, or for a Leo, this book is a must. It's informative, original and fun to read! ~ Alan Heal, Amazon

Phew! I'm not so bad! This isn't the first book I've read of Mary's...but it was the first one about me (well, Leo's!) I loved the format of the book. It made it really interesting to read, and easy to dip in and out of. Mary's books give you a real insight into the star sign in question, enabling you to understand more about a person's character. Highly recommend to all Leo's, and anyone who lives with one :) ~ HMurray, Amazon UK

Many thanks for the opportunity to read through 'How to Lavish a Leo'. I really enjoyed the book and found it absorbing reading! There is so much information packed into it yet it flows nicely and it is always entertaining. I think you have the balance just right! In particular, I love the quotes - it really engages your interest and gives the subject a really personal feel. With all good wishes for its success. ~ Christine, email

Great book!  Perfect title!!!  I like all the quotes; it makes it seem more "real".  You do a great job of tying all of the quotes together.  Roger Federer is a favorite! I found very little to comment upon except punctuation, which probably isn't what you wanted; but I'm a retired teacher and haven't completely given up my red pen. . . I'm looking forward to your next books!  BTW, my husband was bragging to his daughter that he "contributed" to your Cancer book! ~ Mary Shukle, email reader

"This light-hearted and delightfully lively look into the inner workings of Leo provides ample tips on how to make your big cat purr with pride and pleasure." ~ Pauline Edwards - Astrologer, Author of Astrological Crosses in Relationships

What a great insight into the Leo character! I learnt a lot about myself, and my Leo friends that I didn´t know before. I liked all the case studies too, Mary has a nice way of making it more personal instead of text-book like. ~ Hannah Murray, presenter Talk Radio Europe, email

Mary English
Mary English Mary English was born in London and educated in Switzerland at the American International School of Zurich. She comes from a large family an...
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