Healing Divination

Healing Divination

a native guide to being intuitive

Healing Divination teaches the reader how to develop psychically using methods based on the author’s native spirituality.


Healing Divination teaches people how to develop psychically using methods based on the author’s native spirituality. The book covers how to work with herbs and plants and how totems and power animals can give us with the ability of clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. There are lessons in divination including how to make your own oracle deck and how to do readings using cartomancy.


Fabulous book packed full of not only healing divination ideas but so much more. The author has also included lots of psychic development information as well along with extra bonus info on angels, guides, animal totems, auras and chakras too - a definite must have book. ~ Rachel Patterson, www.kitchenwitchuk.blogspot.co.uk

Shirley Laboucane
Shirley Laboucane Shirley Laboucane is a descendant of aboriginal healers from western Canada. Her early life was filled with Sundance ceremonies and learning...

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