Generational Patterns Using Astrology

Generational Patterns Using Astrology

Generational Patterns Using Astrology empowers people to understand their (and others) past and future as a group.


Generational Patterns Using Astrology will enable you to find your place in history. It will show how your generation compares to those of family, friends, and famous people.  Once you see your generation’s pattern in the flow of history, you will see what challenges we now face, and your generation’s role.  Looking forward, you will see what years in the future will be key, and what opportunities and difficulties await you.


In Generational Patterns Using Astrology, Ed Rose has done the research for us to easily understand the important astrological cycles and learn how they have influenced history and continue to shape our future. This book is an exciting read at this uncertain time helping us to discover our personal strengths and anticipate our collective challenges to assist us in creating our desired destiny. ~ John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Edwin Rose
Edwin Rose The author taught and lectured on astrology for 35 years. During that time he studied how astrology influences people and history. He self p...
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