Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet

Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet

Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power

It's time to stop overlooking our own planet in the science and art of astrology.


Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet brings a new and important dimension to the science and art of astrology and to New Age thought. It addresses the influence, meaning and relevance of the one forgotten planet in our horoscopes - the Earth upon which we live. Based on decades of research and written for non-astrologers as well as for the astrological and New Age community, Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet is the first book to address this topic.


I devour Astrology books. This one... no less. I always wondered why earth is not considered as a planet in astrology. And this book is the perfect answer. If you are an astrology addict like me then this book is definitely for you. ~ Curious Reader, NetGalley/GoodReads

In this very readable book, Chrissie explains a brilliant concept which should revolutionize astrology for the New Age. She blends her extensive experience of the subject with a metaphysical understanding, which combine together with clarity and perception. For those seeking the next step in astrology's unfolding journey, this is the book for you. ~ Richard Lawrence, International bestselling author and Spiritual teacher

Astrologers use our position on Earth as the point of reference for finding meaning in the planets above - yet while we are gazing outward at the sky, how easy it can be to overlook the planet on which we stand! Chrissie Blaze offers a thoughtful meditation on the planet we call home and Her powerful contributions to our astrological understanding. ~ Alia Wesala, LMSW, Consulting Astrologer, President of the Association for Young Astrologers

In true style of her namesake "Blaze" Chrissie Blazes new work "Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet: Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power" is blazing a homecoming for humanity's soul to reawaken and return to innocence in the garden of our Planet, Mother Earth. Echoing the sacred feminine teachings of indigenous peoples the world over, Blaze's work realigns astrology to the original root knowledge, power and ancient wisdom of Mother Earth who holds each of us in our learnings in this lifetime. Linking us back to the superpower of Planet Earth and our own untapped collective feminine voice is not only timely, but truly urgent for humanity's conscious evolution. As Chrissie Blaze helps us reclaim the missing planet of Earth, she gives us the key to come home to ourselves and reclaim the kind of creative and transformational mother love that has the true power to reconnect and unite us as a global family and open the door to a future of personal and planetary peace. ~ White Eagle Medicine Woman, Founder/Director, Grandmother Drum International Peace Project

Chrissie Blaze's take on astrology is revolutionary. In her research, she fills in the long missing blanks and gracefully weaves spirituality with historic facts. This tapestry is unique and urgently needed in a time of radical changes on earth. Changes that we as a human race often cannot comprehend unless we re-align to our sacred mother planet. The earth does not need to change. We do. This book is a masterpiece on our truly needed growth from an astrological perspective. ~ Michaela Ashaneya Baumgartner, The Whirling Rainbow Foundation

Like the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Astrology has traced the HIStory of the Sun only to become destitute. Finally in “Earth- Astrology’s Missing Planet”, Chrissie Blaze brings us home to our Divine Mother Earth and HER story of immense love that offers great Spiritual progress. A must read for all spiritual seekers, let the healing begin! ~ Penny Golden, Founder, Body Mind Spirit Radio Network and Body Mind Spirit Guide

"Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet" is a wise and welcoming invitation to explore our relationship to the earth, a fundamental influence on our lives. Chrissie Blaze opens our eyes to the preciousness of our home planet, which is easily overlooked both in astrology and in life. ~ Dr. Jen Green, ND, FABNO

“Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet” takes astrology to a new level of awareness and transforms it into a more elegant and precise tool for the spiritual worker. ~ Brian C. Keneipp, Author of Operation Earth Light and Spiritual Teacher

Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet is a masterly and cogent blend of science and spirituality, to help us reconnect with our beautiful, living, breathing planetary home. Chrissie Blaze's book is a must-read for all astrologers, environmentalists, spiritual seekers and humanitarians, as we enter the brave new world of Aquarius. ~ Mollie Eilean Enwisle, M.Ed., ITEC, Author of The Mystic Power of Numbers and Numerologist

Chrissie Blaze
Chrissie Blaze Chrissie Blaze is a Spiritual teacher, professional astrologer, columnist and published author of twelve books. She is an international spea...

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