Tiffany Crosara’s AstroTarot Channel for March!

March starts off with a New Moon in Pisces on the 1st, as Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac it heralds a time of a spiritual evolution, especially as it is conjunct Neptune (spirituality) and Chiron (healing). Everyday we should start as we mean to go on, but this is a particularly powerful

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Mary English’s Star Signs for February

Aquarius Happy Birthday! May Your Special Day be Full of Bright Blessings! The Sun has now returned to your place of birth and the month starts with the Moon in your sign. This is an auspicious month and you need to check you’re on Your True Life Path. Pisces Yay! Mercury is now in your

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Tiffany Crosara’s AstroTarot Channel for February!

Welcome to February 2014! At first it may feel like we are galloping off the starting block as the energy of The Wooden Horses bursts it’s way out of the black water snake! Yes! The deep inner transformation is nearing it’s end, our skins our shedding, and our intuition and vision is racing towards our

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Extract! When Will You Find Love? Orli Lysen

When will you find love? You don’t need to have been cheated, mistreated, lied to or made blue to want some real, honest to goodness love and romance in your life. If you keep meeting the wrong kind of partner, or no partner at all, and you’re tired of leaving things to chance and want

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Celebrity TV Psychic and Award Winning MBS Author Tiffany Crosara’s Monthly AstroTarotChannel!

Here it is … The first AstroTarotChannel of 2014! So lets take a moment first to look at the numerological energy of 2014. It’s a number seven. Seven’s are magical numbers, this is the year to make your dreams come true. But take note of the way I said that “make your dreams come true”. There was

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Book Giveaway Moon Surfing

We have another book giveaway, this time it’s great new book for teens, Moon Surfing. All you have to do to enter is to go to our Facebook page: There please like the page and share the post on the giveaway to your own status for a chance to win a copy of the

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Events & Announcements

Great interview with Tiffany Crosara

Brilliant interview on the New Age Blog…

UK Tarot conference

New Dodona Book author Tiffany Crosara will be speaking at the UK Tarot conference October 12th/13th   Tiffany’s Book The Transformational Truth of the Tarot will be out later this year.    

Book News

Moon Surfing: A Lunar Astrology Handbook for Teens

A powerful astrological roadmap for the tumultuous teenage years, unlocking lunar astrology for teens with journaling, case studies and exercises. Moon Surfing for Teens unlocks the complexities of lunar astrology for teens, turning it into a practical tool which offers guidance and direction through the tumultuous teen years. Teens learn how to spot patterns in

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Weegie Tarot!

Imagine if the Fool of the tarot had been reincarnated in 1960′s Glasgow? Imagine his journey as he met the Tarot’s archetypes in his life of poverty and sectarianism? His love for his caring foster mum ( The Empress), his lessons in life from the maverick car mechanic ( The Magician) and the fortune teller

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