Nouk Sanchez

Australians, Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira are the authors of best-seller Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego. Initiated by A Course in Miracles (ACIM), their seventeen year Spiritual Awakening journey led to the almost total deconstruction of their lives and belief systems before emerging from the process together. Their uniquely dynamic family experience of learning the Course, as a couple, and then with their daughter, is quite unprecedented. No amount of theory or substitute can hold a candle to experience. Amidst much lightness and laughter, these authors share a profound dedication to learning and living the Course, without one iota of compromise to its principles.
Nouk and Tomas joined in a divine commitment in 1984. The call they heard beckoned them to discover the indestructible nature of love. And the precious insights gained from their life-transforming experience are shared in both Take Me to Truth and their workshops. The result is this profoundly practical guide that clearly defines the blocks and the stages involved in Spiritual Awakening.
Respected for their practical expansion of ACIMS section on The Development of Trust, Nouk and Tomas deliver dynamic workshops around the world. They are keynote speakers at the prestigious Omega Institute NY, the International A Course in Miracles Conference, San Francisco and The Miracles Network, London.
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