Jane Elizabeth White

Jane White is a writer, healer and mystic. After spending time as a commissioning editor of sports books (Jane has a black belt in Shotokan Karate) with a London-based publisher and then as a media specialist within Whitehall, Jane was suddenly faced with debilitating illness. Unable to pursue her career further, she and her husband moved to Cornwall where, as her health continued to deteriorate at an alarming rate, she sought natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Her transformational healing journey over many years awoke spiritual gifts which stimulated innovative thinking as well as guiding her to a broad understanding of metaphysics. She is now a writer, encouraging and inspiring others to heal themselves, and a firm advocate of self-empowerment through exploring the unconventional. Jane is the author of Spiritual Guides in the West Country and co-author, with Louise Hopkinson, of Are you a Master of Light? Her website is www.opentolove.info

Books by Jane Elizabeth White