Emma Restall Orr

Emma Restall Orr (aka Bobcat) is one of the most well-known Druids worldwide. She worked for the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and was Joint Chief of the British Druid Order for nearly ten years. In 2002 founded the international Druid Network which, by gaining status as a religious charity in 2010, changed the legal definition of religion in Britain. She is celebrated for her uncompromising views on ethics, environmentalism and personal responsibility, challenging the Druid and Pagan community with her writings, talks and other public appearances. She has acted as a media spokesperson for Druidry for over 15 years, presenting a reasoned and intelligent response to a broad spectrum of issues and current affairs. Listen to Emma's answers to BBC's The Big Questions:

Books by Emma Restall Orr

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