Dave Cunningham
Dave Cunningham

Dave Cunningham is an award-winning journalist, a published fiction and non-fiction author, a screenwriter, artist, actor, director and drummer. As a journalist, Cunningham interviewed four U.S. Presidents (Nixon, Carter, Clinton and George W. Bush), entertainers from Aretha Franklin to Frank Sinatra, and sports stars from Muhammad Ali to O.J. Simpson.

Cunningham has written, edited, ghost-written or contributed to 14 books, including his most recent non-fiction title, the critically acclaimed “Travel Within: The 7 Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace,” co-authored with Jamshid Hosseini and released in February 2009. Two of his feature-length screenplays are now in production in Australia and Africa. He has also appeared in two TV series (“Seeing Stars” and “Who’s Your Daddy?”) and plays a role in the upcoming feature film comedy, “Dynamite Swine.”

Cunningham served as president of the nation’s oldest professional writing organization, the California Writers Club (founded in 1909) and was a 2004 winner of the Jack London Award. He also won six national and regional writing awards and taught creative writing at California State University (Fullerton).

Books by Dave Cunningham

Travel Within

7 Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace

Science, religion and philosophy support the tenets of this self-help guide to wisdom, inner peace and Oneness.

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