Belinda Joubert
Belinda Joubert

Belinda specializes in inspirational workshops, lectures and teaching individuals how to do card readings to unite with Source. Her paramount vision is to assist individuals to open the correct channels and to connect with Shekinah our Godly presence. She aspires to help individuals to become Lightworkers. Belinda is also a public and inspirational speaker, with an offering of inspirational and spiritual card decks such as angels, fairies, nature wisdom and others. Her professional career started as a high-school teacher. She has a Higher Education Diploma (THOD), a Diploma in Marketing and Marketing Research, a Certificate in Public Relations Practice and completed a Graduate Programme in Utility Management with the USA Stanford Business School.
Belinda Joubert is also the founder and managing director of Inspire Achievement Solutions (Pty) Ltd. The company offers employee vitality solutions to individuals, executives, professionals and companies and institutions. These customized interventions ignite and inspire the human spirit within and help individuals to build and experience a virtuous life in the innate presence of Divine Spirit.
She worked several years for a public enterprise and fulfilled various executive roles in public relations and marketing before she founded her company. She won several awards for top performance in her field. During her years in the corporate world, she sensed and experienced the spiritual barrenness of the workplace and she decided to dedicate her life to her truest interest, which is the origin and meaning of spirituality and the influence of spirituality and the natural laws for virtuous living on human behavior in society and the workplace. She explores folklore, spiritual truths and ancient writings about spiritual and divine phenomena and the dynamics of God’s divine universe and seeks to expand human understanding of these phenomena unrestrained by popular religions or spiritual dogmas, thus her first book AngelSense was born.
Belinda published the book AngelSense in 2006. The publication of AngelSense heralds a profound milestone in her personal spiritual evolvement and teaching career. The central theme is the personae of God’s divine messengers and their influences on our lives.
Virtuous Living assists individuals with self-actualization and preparation for eternity. Virtuous Living will advise individuals on how to live a balanced lifestyle by applying and living in harmony with the natural laws. At some stage of development during our lifetime, we experience feelings as if lost within a maze, Virtuous Living will give guidance, light, hope and comfort to souls who experience such feelings. When individuals connect with Source they are able to live on all aspects of being, spiritually, mentally and physically.


PO Box 400
Cape Town
South Africa

Books by Belinda Joubert

Virtuous Living

Honoring the Inescapable Natural Laws

Jun 2009

20 Words Virtuous Living delivers a clear message on the essential values and virtues of life. Readers will discover age-old wisdoms that control personal, family, community and organizational life. Any breach of these laws results in social and economic


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