Amythyst Raine-Hatayama

Amythyst Raine is a professional psychic/clairvoyant quietly practicing her own brand of witchcraft in the American mid-west. She is the author of books on tarot and witchcraft, a legally ordained clergy, high priestess of Bristolwicks Coven, an occasional radio personality, and the creator/webmistress of the popular pagan website: The Witch’s Corner. (

Amythyst has embraced holistic healing through reiki, crystal therapy, and chakra balancing. She gives public tarot readings through book shops, metaphysical stores, corporate events, and parties. Amythyst also offers private readings through email, webcam, video, and telephone, as well as personal face-to-face readings by appointment only.

Amythyst Raine is a wildly eclectic witch who has developed her own spiritual path...a combination of hoodoo, Dianic Wicca, and green witchcraft, dubbing her magickal practice: “Gray Magerium”. She believes that success in life comes by leaving the well-paved road behind and forging your own path, creating new possibilities and realities.

Books by Amythyst Raine-Hatayama

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